Thursday, May 19, 2011

The word of god?

Just wanted to share this article that I happened upon today.  I found it interesting, although not surprising to read about many books in the New Testament being written by people who were not who they claimed to be.  This by itself would not discredit the Bible as being true, but it certainly weakens its claim of being a primary source.  Given that it is the primary source, or as I called it in the entry about Stephen Hawking, the "evidence" for Christianity, I would say that Christians are standing on some shaky ground when they make truth claims.  I guess that is not so surprising.


  1. The fact that there is little else (if anything) in recorded history to back up those stories has always bothered me.

  2. I just like the fact that people are always saying things like, "Just look at the historical evidence for Christ and the resurrection," and then when you look, they are just talking about the Bible, like I have never heard of it before.

  3. Right.

    Oh! The Bible?!? I grew up in Western society, how is it that I've lived this long and never heard of this wondrous document! Thanks for changing my life!